Making the ‘Small’ look Large

Making the ‘Small’ look Large

August 9, 20174:03 am

Small, awkwardly designed spaces can be disconcerting to any flat-dweller or home owner. You bump into corners, stub your toes on raised platforms that are barely visible or worse; you never find enough storage space for your possessions. The cramped space can seem suffocating enough for you to reconsider your decision in choosing a particular apartment or, at its worst, make you hesitate in calling friends and acquaintances over. However, alternatives are expensive and it is not always the easiest of tasks to look for apartments or houses, bogged down as we already are with the hassles of daily life. What do you do, then?

Ever heard the story of David and Goliath? Well, it, essentially, deals with a young shepherd, David, taking on the giant, Goliath, with nothing but a sling and a few stones and, unbelievably, winning. You could do the same, tackling this huge problem with nothing but a few small tips on redecoration. Small, cramped spaces do not have to become a large problem if you follow a few simple rules and suggestions on how to make the most out of what is available to you.

One of the biggest issues with a cramped space (Yes, we get the irony here) is, understandably, the lack of space. Colours have a huge role to play in making any space seem larger or smaller, depending on the tone of the colour used. Lighter colours, such as a light, understated grey, can seem to open some space in a small room. At Thera, we offer a wide selection of environment friendly wallpapers made from jute fibres. These wallpaper, of course, come with a range of patterns and materials that can be made to fit specifications. For a smaller room, it is advisable to select wallpaper with a plain, lighter colour and, preferably, no protruding textures or patterns. This would give the illusion of a simple space that is free of clutter. Moreover, since the installation of the wallpaper is relatively easy and mess free, it would not require much effort on your part. It is important to note that these wallpapers are easy to clean and, thus, considerably reduce the any maintenance output on your part. Additionally, our wallpapers come with wall decoration decals that are not only presentable, but also perform the function of highlighting the walls. If the space, itself, has dimmer lighting, then this come as a tremendous benefit to you. Lighting has an important role to play in making a room seem larger. Allow for the installation of dimmer and smaller light sources that are based around the corners of the room instead of a large centralized light source. This can help make the area seem a little more spacious, as centralized lighting has the disadvantage of directly hitting the eyes and making everything appear a little more prominent and harder for the eye.

Moreover, the options available at Thera, for leather and regular flooring, can come as a boon for those looking to spend a little less time cleaning up the clutter or stains on the floor. A darker colour on the floors, in contrast to the walls, is a smarter choice, especially for a constricted space. In addition to possessing several advantages over regular flooring, such as no harmful VOC emissions, a leather floor will transform a small, constricted space into an area that exudes luxury and opulence. For the concerned individual, at Thera, we only use recycled leather, ensuring that we provide the product to our clients without bringing harm to the environment. Consider darker colours, even going so far as to opt for a stronger shade of brown, bordering on black. This would reduce the visibility of any accidental stains and necessitate fewer cleaning sprees on your part and that, in the context of a smaller area, is a, to put it in no uncertain terms, undisguised blessing.

Go ahead and experiment with your room or your study. Envisioning different ideas will only help you along the route to having a better designed space.

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