Thera lifestyle offers a range of wallpapers, carpets, floorings, leather, & turf for gyms,
parks, residential & commercial spaces


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Environmentally friendly.

100% recycled leather.

Leather floors are healthier as they contain no harmful VOC
emissions,no added formaldehyde

Leather floors are engineered flooring products, well-suited for
installation below grade, over concrete and even over existing
floors. Depending on the application, different underlay’s may be

Leather floors require the same maintenance as all other floors.

During installation, it doesn’t require messy glues or chemicals,
or nails of any kind

The ‘UNICLIC JOINT’ is a patented joint guaranteed to resist
gapping warping and cupping.

The patented Uniclic is integral to Leather floors..

Uniclic creates a remarkably stable and gap-resistant floor, and
because the click joint process is reversible, the floor can be
re-used up to 3 times under warranty.


Carpet tiles are available in a variety of colors and patterns.

Sturdy and easy to maintain.

Quick and easy installation.

Transform your space with little effort.

Resistant to water and corrosion.

PVC and Styrene free.

Butadeine Latexes environment -friendly.

Free of deformation and drying crack.

Specification of 36 inches x 36 inches x 50 cm x 50 cm.

Artificial Turf

Used for gardens, balconies, patios, spas and swimming poolside.

Artificial Turf is sturdy enough to be used for public parks, sports surfaces, play areas and school yards

Enjoy the beauty and relaxation of grass without the stress of maintenance.

Feels and looks like real grass, hard to tell it’s not real.

Easy to install and virtually maintenance free.

No watering, mowing or using herbicides and pesticides.

Available in a variety of styles.

UV protected and fade resistant.

Estimated product life is 15 – 20 years.

Has an insulating effect on terraces or balconies thus reducing energy consumption.


Lead free.

Fire retardant.

Wood Deck

Adds beauty and style to your decor by using our wide range of wooden flooring, ideally suited for your indoor outdoor spaces.

Available in many shades and grains.

Available in Indian Teak, Burma Teak, Padauk, Pyinkado, Black Nilotica & Black Palm.

Wood flooring is sturdy and easy to maintain.

Our range of Natural Wood planks and tiles are suitable for outdoor application such us decks, play areas, fencing, benches, for use by a swimming pool, outdoor terrace, balconies and other open areas.

can be used indoors in homes restaurants offices or hotels.

Available in Tile and Plank form.

Planks – Lengths: 3ft to 8ft (Random Length), Width: 90mm, Thickness: 18mm Tiles – 300mm X 300mm on an interlocking UV protective polypropylene base.

Fitted with stainless steel screws.

Custom designs in tiles is possible.


Eco firendly wallpapers made from jute fibres.

Wide variety of patterns and materials.

Exciting nursery and children’s room options.

Mess free installation.

Easy to clean.

Wall decoration decals for highlighting walls.


Several colour options.

Different sizes and textures.

Rubber flooring in roll or tile form.

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